• Specialist Insurance Backed Building Contractors

    Picking a random card from the pack you could end up with a Joker or Jack-of-all-Trades instead of a specialist contractor good enough to be backed by an insurance company.

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It’s no laughing matter if you pick the ‘Joker’

If you wish to gamble, go ahead and take a card from the pack, but if gambling with your property is not for you and you prefer a proven professional, then choose a Specialist Building Guarantees contractor.

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Choosing a Contractor

70% of businesses fail within 20 years, including many building contractors. Specialist Building Guarantees approved contractors are above average for financial stability but for a small one-off premium you can insure against your building contractor going out of business for the length of his guarantee. SBG’s Contractor’s Guarantee can be Insured for Above Ground Membrane, Basement Waterproofing, Concrete Repairs, Crack Stitching, External Water Repellent, Flooring Screeds, Woodworm and Rot, Insulation Fixings, Lintel Stabilisation, Masonry Beaming, Pile Stabilisation, Remedial Wall Ties, Rising Damp, Swiming Pools, Roofing and Underpinning.