Peace of Mind

Though the contractor is responsible for dealing with all claims, should he cease to trade the insurance becomes active and the Insurance Company will then deal with any claims under the contractor’s guarantee. Should this happen, a simple e-mail or telephone call will connect you to our knowledgeable and sympathetic staff.

If you have just purchased a property make sure you have all the original documents listed on page 9 of the policy under ‘How to make a claim’. Copies of the full policy are available in the link below.

It is important that you keep safe the original documents because these will be required in the event of a claim. Further details can be found in the full policy document under ‘How to make a claim’. Please note that photocopied documents are not acceptable.

Insurance Policy Information

For policy information relating to Damp, Infestation (woodworm), Wall Ties, Structural Waterproofing, Concrete Repairs, Roofing, Pile Stabilisation, Wall Ties, Lateral Restraints, Lintel Stabilisation, Masonry Beaming, Crack Stitching and Underpinning Insurance, please download the Policy Information or Master Policy documents below.

Insurance Policy Information

For key information relating to your policy, click on the link below:

View Policy Information (PDF)

Master Policy

For details of all areas covered under the terms of the insurance policy, click on the link below:

View Master Policy (PDF)